The TanvasTouch Engine Dashboard is the main interface for developers.

Developer’s Dashboard

The Dashboard is divided into the following sections:

  • Resource Tracking: Shows haptic resource counts and memory used by those resources.
  • Device Utilities: Shows the status of your TanvasTouch device and provides functionality to update firmware, do calibration, and collect diagnostic data. See Device Management for more information.
  • Viewport: A wire-frame representation of haptic sprites and views.


The viewport provides a visual representation of all TanvasTouch Sprites and Views that the engine is tracking. These resources are created by applications and managed by the Engine.

The light-grey rectangle represents the haptic view that has been created, and the green rectangles are the sprites which have been added to the view. Filled green rectangles represent enabled sprites; green rectangles with no fill represent disabled sprites. Multiple applications will be represented using additional colors.

You can tap, hover, or click on any rectangle in the viewport to see additional information about that resource.