The first time the TanvasTouch Engine is run, it will prompt for a license key. There are two types of license keys:

  1. Production keys allow use of essential functions of the Engine. Development features such as the Developer’s Dashboard cannot be used with production keys. One production key can be used with multiple deployments.
  2. Development keys allow access to development features of the Engine such as the Developer’s Dashboard. Each developer must have their own key.

All users are required to enter a valid license key. See your account page for a list of available license keys, but if you don’t have a key then please contact Tanvas Support though

Enter your license key and click Ok.

Upon entering a license key, the TanvasTouch Engine will check that the key is valid:

The User License Key is checked every time the TanvasTouch Engine is run.

Once the license key has been verified, the TanvasTouch Engine Dashboard will be displayed. There are two variants:

Developer’s Dashboard

If the license key cannot be verified, an error will be displayed. Verify that the license key is correct, and try again.

The state of the license persists on the PC, so a valid network connection is only required the first time the TanvasTouch Engine is run. The same key will be checked every time the engine is run, if it’s necessary to reset the license key then select Reset User License Key from the context menu (it will be necessary to exit and restart the TanvasTouch Engine in order to enter a new key).