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TanvasTouch® surface haptics bring programmable textures to touchscreens, trackpads and physical surfaces.

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Join Tanvas at the 27th Annual Vehicle Displays Detroit 2020. Visit our virtual booth and learn about the magic of TanvasTouch. More info >

TanvasTouch Desktop Dev Kit

Everything you need to create software-defined textures and haptic effects that can be felt with the swipe of a finger. Experiment with your own custom textures and effects before rolling out TanvasTouch in your commercial application.

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TanvasTouch surface haptic technology on a 10.1 TanvasTouch surface haptic technology with example texture on a 10.1

We’re Pioneering Surface Haptics

We know that touch impacts our lives in a physical world. But we believe it can enrich the way we interface in the digital world, too. Find out why.

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“There are countless gadgets and concepts at CES but nothing got the attention of The Verge staff more than Tanvas… Literally everyone ran back to our press table clamoring about how cool it was to physically feel texture on a touchscreen.”

The Verge Awards at CES 2017: Most Touching

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