Stratosphere’s the Limit

There are a number of applications for TanvasTouch multi-touch surface haptic technology, including Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Digital Signage, Gaming, Custom Displays…and a limitless number of other applications just waiting to be built!


Today’s vehicles feature multiple touchscreens that can be enhanced by the sense of touch – responsive feedback in dashboards, backseat entertainment, payment screens and self-driving vehicles to come. Read about TanvasTouch for Automotive.

Consumer Electronics

Our electronic devices are often close at hand and yet, they are without feeling. TanvasTouch goes beyond the buzz to make multisensory experiences possible.


Online shopping takes on a whole new dimension with the addition of touch. The ability to simulate textures puts the showroom and the feels at your fingertips.


Bounce, swipe, pull and stretch – gaming goes to the next level when you can augment an immersive game with any number of tactile responses.

Visual Impairment

TanvasTouch is a natural choice for kinesthetic learners who rely on tactile feedback. The next wave of innovation in this field will be powered by touch.

Custom Displays

Touchscreens are everywhere – from museums, malls and elevators to grocery stores, restaurants and airplanes. A limitless number of applications are just waiting to be built.

What will you create?

For more info, visit the OEM, AGENCY and DEVELOPER pages or check out our DEV KIT.