HV Drivers based on Proven High Voltage Process Building on Established HV Driver Product


Adopted in Designs for Printing Market for Years

Integrated Solution to Save

Board Size and Cost

Integrated RTZ, Current Sense and Boost Converter

Small Size BGA Packages

Enable Configurability and Flexibility with Scalable Solution Use Multiple HV53001 and HV53011 (Drivers Only) to Scale for Larger Designs
Total System Solutions Available  Complete Verified Solutions Developed with Industry Partners for Advance Haptic Interfaces




Microchip HV53001 Drivers with Built-in converters


Microchip HV53011 Drivers Only
  • HV53001 is a 16 Channels ±135V Push-Pull Driver with Current Sensor and Boost Converter
  • HV53011 is the same as HV53001 without the Boost Converter
  • Designed to drive Piezo loads up to 250pF
  • Return-to-Zero and High Impedance Output setting available
  • Features:
    • 16 Channels of HV Drivers
    • Bipolar Operation : ±135V
    • 24 mA Minimum Output Drive Current
    • 250 pF Maximum Load @ ±90V
    • 100 pF Maximum Load @ ±135V
    • Integrated Boost Converter (in HV53001)
    • SPI Interface
    • Power on/off Sequence Control
    • Packages
    • 9x9mm 105B TFBGA (HV53001)
    • 8x8mm 59B TFBGA (HV53011)

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