Tanvas and Chicago Innovation Awards Ring The Nasdaq Market Closing Bell

Celebrating Award for Company’s Breakthrough Surface Haptic Technology

CHICAGO, February 23, 2016–Tanvas joined the other 2015 Chicago Innovation Award winners yesterday to ring the closing bell at The Nasdaq Stock Market in New York City in recognition of its innovation in the area of touchscreen haptics.

With its “surface haptic”technology, Tanvas is poised to reshape the touchscreen market. Tanvas’ technology makes interactions with touchscreens more interesting, more natural, and more engaging. This is because their technology not only tracks the fingertips, but controls what they feel: textures, edges, collisions, and even the illusion of shape on a featureless glass panel. Surface haptics will change the way people interact with touchscreens across essentially every industry and application –from automotive to education, from retail to medical, from consumer electronics to industrial applications.

“Imagine a world in which every surface you touch is hard, cold and featureless. Actually, you don’t have to imagine: that’s the digital world of your smartphone. What we are doing, in contrast,is creating a digital world that excites your fingertips and blows your mind. With our technology, graphics, audio, and haptics – the way that things feel – get integrated into a holistic experience.Tanvas will be bringing this technology to market starting with a dev kit later this year,” said Greg Topel, CEO of Tanvas.

Tanvas was named a winner of the 2015 Chicago Innovation Awards out more than 500 nominees across industries, sizes and sectors in the Chicago area, representing a surge of innovation that is occurring in the Chicago region. A complete list of the 2015 Chicago Innovation Award winners and more about the history and inspiration for the awards can be found at www.chicagoinnovationawards.com/winners.

“We are proud to have been selected for this innovation award, and to celebrate this accomplishment as we ring the closing bell at The Nasdaq Stock Market, the premier exchange for technology companies,” said Ed Colgate, Co-Founder of Tanvas.“We congratulate Tanvas for winning the Chicago Innovation Awards, and applaud their commitment to innovation,” said Dan Miller, co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards.