Tanvas Selected to Showcase Its Technology in Eureka Park at CES 2017

The company’s innovative surface haptics technology lets you feel what you see on any touch display

CHICAGO – October 18, 2016 – Tanvas, the company redefining touch for the touchscreen, announced it has been accepted into Eureka Park, the flagship destination at CES where budding startups debut their technology. The company will demonstrate TanvasTouch, a patented technology that simulates real touch and an unlimited number of textures and effects on any touchscreen.

“It goes without saying that CES is a tremendous opportunity for many thousands of people to literally get their hands on our technology,” said Greg Topel, CEO of Tanvas. “In order for the promise of this new touch dimension to reach its full capacity, it needs to be seen and felt by the widest possible audience. We believe CES is one of the best venues to do just that.”

TanvasTouch technology emerged from the Neuroscience and Robotics Lab (NxR) at Northwestern University. Co-founders Ed Colgate and Michael Peshkin pioneered a new branch of surface haptics that brings real-time control of the forces acting between a fingertip and the touch surfaces. From automotive, gaming and visual impairment to retail, advertising and the arts, the potential applications for TanvasTouch are limitless.

The company also announced today that it has ​relaunched the Tanvas website​ to invite OEMs and agencies to be a part of the future of touch, as well as a method for developers to request early access to the TanvasTouch Dev Kit. The new site also features the debut of ​FeelingDisruptive​, a new blog covering the basics of haptics, highlights from recent events, product updates and more.

In the lead-up to CES 2017, Tanvas will continue to showcase its technology at regional hackathons including ​CalHacks​ on Nov. 11, 2016 and ​WildHacks​ on Nov. 18, 2016. If you are planning to attend CES 2017, be sure to stop the Tanvas booth at 50408 in Eureka Park -Sands, Hall G.