The mini dashboard and the Device Utilities panel in the developer’s dashboard, display information about your TanvasTouch device and provides important device management functions.

Developer’s Dashboard

Mini Dashboard

The Status section describes the device state:

  • Connected: The device’s serial number, firmware version (Build), and configuration will appear. For example, the above screenshots show a connected Mimo Vue device running firmware 1.0.2.
  • Not Connected: The text “Not Connected” will appear. This occurs when a TanvasTouch device is not connected to the system; it may also indicate a connection problem.
  • Bootloader: The text “Bootloader” will appear. This occurs when the device is connected but doesn’t have any firmware installed. Contact [email protected] for assistance.

Calibrating Your Device

Your TanvasTouch device is constantly making fine adjustments in order to provide the best touch tracking and haptic experience. However, it is occasionally necessary to manually calibrate the surface. Here are some reasons why manual calibration may be necessary:

  • The OS is registering touches where none exist (“phantom” touches).
  • Inaccurate finger tracking.
  • No touch input at all.
  • The device has never been calibrated.

Click the Calibrate button to perform a full calibration.

Do not touch the surface while calibration is in progress.

If the device is generating phantom touches, it might be difficult to press the Calibrate button while the device is plugged in. To fix this situation:

  1. Disconnect the device and verify that the status text reads “Not Connected”.
  2. Click Calibrate.
  3. Reconnect the device. The TanvasTouch Engine will perform the calibration procedure once the device has been recognized by the OS.

Updating Device Firmware

It is important to run the latest firmware for the best haptic experience. The TanvasTouch Engine will check the firmware on any connected device and enable the Update Firmware button if the device needs to be updated.

Do not unplug the device or touch the surface while new firmware is being installed.

Following the firmware update, the device will be re-calibrated.

During a firmware update, your TanvasTouch device may disconnect and reconnect, you may also be notified of the presence of a “Tanvas Bootloader” device. This is expected behavior.