The TanvasTouch Viewer is a tool included in the SDK for loading images from other software and feeling haptic effects with or without a visual asset.

  • Work seamlessly between your design (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint, etc.) or development program (e.g. OpenCV, graphics drawing libraries, etc.) and your TanvasTouch-enabled device to quickly iterate textures and effects
  • Match the haptic .PNG image to your graphic image by cropping or resizing accordingly using your tool of choice
  • Change the opacity to see the visual image behind the haptic image
  • Use the auto-refresh button to iterate the same size haptic.png in your design/development program
  • Using just a few lines of code and the TanvasTouch Engine, your haptic texture can be placed anywhere on a TanvasTouch-enabled display and felt by moving a finger across the surface

.Watch the video below to see this tool in action.