Setting up your TanvasTouch-enabled product is easy.


Step 1: Unpack

The box contains:

  1. Screen with TanvasTouch
  2. HDMI cable
  3. USB data cable (Purple)
  4. DC 5V Power supply
  5. USB power cable (Black)
  1. Stand base
  2. Cable cover
  3. Large Screws (2)
  4. Small Screws (4)
  5. Back cover

Step 2: Unpack

Place the screen on the stand base. Make sure it is correctly mounted and use the two large screws to secure it.

Step 3: Connect the cables

Take a moment to observe the cable connectors in the back of the screen.

*From left to right: HDMI, USB data and 5V.*
Connect the cables, making sure the purple cable is connected to the USB connector.

Step 4: Secure the cables

Push down the cables into the stand base.

Make sure all cables fit under the cover comfortably
Place the cable cover on top of the cables and use the four small screws to secure it.

Step 5: Install the cover

Place the back cover over the connectors starting from the top, and pressing down until it clicks.

Step 6: Connect the screen

Connect the HDMI and the purple USB cables to your computer, and the black USB to the included 5V DC adapter. The TanvasTouch screen operates as a normal touchscreen input. Verify that the touchscreen functions by interacting with the operating system via the touchscreen.

Step 7: If your TanvasTouch display is not your only screen

The touch device needs to be associated with the screen:

  • Go to Control Panel and search for “Tablet PC Settings”. *(If you do not see this setting you may need to restart your computer with the device plugged in)
  • Click “Setup…” to the right of “Configure your pen and touch displays”
  • Follow the instructions on screen

You are all set!